Cover photo by Shellie Balakin

Heatwave Relief–New York Style

As a self taught artist I’ve worked in different mediums. Now using a basic camera I look for the details that make NYC beautiful and alive.

Cover art Len Cicio

Under the 215th Subway

Len resides in Inwood and works in mixed mediums of colored pencils, wax art bars and oil pastels. His focus is on the landscapes and subways of Manhattan, including Inwood and Washington Heights. For more info on his works and prints visit

Cover art by Elissa Gore

El at Dyckman Street

A thirty-year resident of Inwood, Elissa is a landscape painter who paints studies outdoors from life and then uses them to make large paintings in her studio. They are now in over 70 public collections and many homes.

Cover photograph by Regina Gradess

Ft Tryon Tree near New Leaf Cafe

Regina’s grandson is the third generation to grow up in this special neighborhood. She is delighted that an amazing tree living outside the New Leaf Cafe is being featured by NMAC.

Cover art by Stephen J. Shanabrook

L.OV.E. as a List of Vicarious Edges

These bandages do not heal but instead reveal a territory of hidden pain. L.O.V.E…. is a part of Damien Hirst private “murderme” collection.

Cover art by Leslie Jimenez

Around Uptown 2

Leslie is an artist, art educator, and illustrator based in New York. Graduated from Altos de Chavon School of Design, Parsons The New School. Museum educator at El Museo del Barrio, artist in residence at Sugar Hill Museum.

Cover art by Cesar Santana Tirado

Into the Woods

Cesar paints from a Soul perspective, using color and form to emulate the Light-language of the Soul and they emerge as Soul-centered paintings

Cover art by Felipe Galindo


Felipe (Feggo) creates humorous art in a variety of media, including cartoons, illustrations, animations, fine art amd public art. His work has been exhibited, published and awarded worldwide.

Cover art by Alison Loeb

Dyckman Cow Wash

Doodler-songwritter Alison Loeb lives with her family in the wilds of northern Manhattan.

Cover art by Cristobal Vivar

Dominican 4th of July

I look for the moments when people connect – to each other, their environments, their own mysteries. Pattern and ritual. Play of light. Electric images that are potent and alive.

Cover art by Rhonda Helse Asher

Walkway at Anne Loftus Playground, Inwood

Upper Manhattan scenery first inspired Rhonda’s artwork when she brought her children to neighborhood parks to play, and Uptown remains an inspiration for her art and writing today.

Cover art by Gerben Mulder

Language of Letting Go

Born in Amsterdam in 1972, Gerben moved from the Netherlands to the US in 1993, living in New York City and Rio de Janeiro.

Cover photo by Jody Beth LaFosse

Fine Fare – Inwood

Jordy lives in Inwood, where she offers editorial services in the journalism and book publishing realms.

Cover art by Carlos Jesus Martinez Dominguez


Dominican, Puerto Rican, interdisciplinary artist born on military base in North Carolina in ‘76 and a Washington Heights resident since ‘83, Carlos (aka FEEGZ, Figaro and Firo173) has exhibited, taught and spoken in dozens of institutions nationally and internationally.

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