Sanitation Services

Our mission is to make Inwood clean, safe and vibrant by providing sanitation services through Atlantic Maintenance, a company that specializes in the cleaning and general maintenance of commercial areas. Our sanitation team provide the district with a team of 2 men, 7 days a week 8 hours a day. The staffers are sweeping sidewalks, bagging litter, removing snow at the cross streets and cleaning street furniture.

Mural Painting

NoMAA is facilitating 2 mural projects a year thanks in large part to the Neighborhood 360 grant. They coordinate mural projects with local schools in Inwood. Local artists develop the design for the mural and the student paint the murals on empty space at their school. NoMAA will obtain Neighborhood 360 funding for 2018 and 2019.

Beautification & Stewardship

Friends of Inwood Hill Park, a volunteer group that focuses on the beautification of local parks including stewarding the land of Inwood Hill Park and The Shorakapok Preserve. The group does seed and tree plantings as well as conduct classes for students of various ages and residents. They also conduct “tree pit” workshops with merchants of the district.

Our Partners

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